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This is your place to stay if you’re looking for a relaxing and charming break among the great vineyards of Monferrato in Piedmont!
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Situated in one of the most breathtaking spots of Monferrato, surrounded by an estate of great scenic beauty, this is the ideal reference point for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing break.

The castle’s enclosed courtyard houses a large Italian style garden with a small fountain and terrace. Here you can find the entrance to the wine museum, the wine cellars and the Enoteca where the Castello di Razzano wines can be tasted.

You can enjoy beautiful views over the hills, vineyards or the Monviso mountain from every corner of the garden. Get yourself a comfortable chair, a glass of wine, a book (or just nothing) and relax!

We invite you to come and discover it all by yourself.

The Relais - a charming hotel

The ideal place to unwind, with a swimming pool that has been built amidst the vines, and offers a wonderful view over the vineyards. There’s a barbeque area you can use and guests have also the opportunity to hire mountain bikes and Vespa scooters to discover the neighbourhood.

Other services you can book are cooking lessons and wines tastings or ask for a relaxing massage.

Razzano Art and Wine Museum

The Museo ArteVino Razzano, Razzano’s Museum of Art and Wine, which was inaugurated in October 2009, is housed within the Castle of Razzano. It is based on a specific project for tourism and can be visited in groups (on reservation) or just single tourists/visitors or locals.

At the end of your visit you can taste among others our great Barbera d’Asti wines.

The winery and cellars

Within the castle walls there are historical wine cellars where unique architecture has been preserved and some of the most noteworthy wines are aged. The winery produces exclusively from the own vineyards, which have excellent exposure to the sun, with a good soil composition, ensuring the exclusive quality of the grapes.

You can visit the cellars and taste our wines in the winery

Our Team

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Our Sunset

Sipping a fine glass of wine maybe, one can enjoy the sunset at 360°

From its predominant viewpoint, the Castle of Razzano allows to enjoy a panoramic view over the surrounding hills of Monferrato. Towards the end of the day at sunset, sipping a fine glass of wine maybe, one can enjoy the scenery at 360°.

The Monviso sunsets, evocative and forever different, follow the rhythm of the seasons, which can be fully appreciated, from the awakening of the earth in spring, to the explosion of solar vitality in the summer, the beautiful palette of autumn colours, and the winter with its magical snow and veils of mist.

The Monte Viso or Monviso is the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps and close to the French border. Monte Viso is well known for its pyramid-like shape and is also called Il Re di Pietra (The Stone King). It can be seen from quite a distance, even from the spires of the Milan Cathedral! It might have also inspired the Paramount logo.