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The Castello di Razzano Winery is a historic estate in Monferrato Piemonte – Italy


Castello di Razzano Winery

The estate of the Castello di Razzano is spread out over a property of about 100 hectares, of which about 40 are cultivated as vineyards. We produce more than 200,000 bottles a year, exclusively from our own vineyards.

The vines are cultivated over an area of 40 hectares. The sophisticated quality control system allows for a “check-up” process that starts right in the vineyard. The vines enjoy excellent exposure to the sun and they are grown with respect for the biological rhythms of the plant, using only natural, organic fertilisers and by planting grass between grapevine rows. The structure of the terrain, which is mainly made up of limestone and clay, and the careful selection of clones and root stocks guarantee the exclusive quality of the grapes.
Other vines are cultivated, to a lesser extent, some of which are native (grignolino, dolcetto, ruchè and moscato) and others international (chardonnay,cabernet- sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir).

Harvesting is carried out manually, following careful thinning out of the grapes during July and August, so that the maximum sugar concentration can be obtained, this, along with polyphenol ageing accompanied by a decrease in the level of acidity, allows us to obtain wines of great depth.
The same philosophy is applied in the cellar, where all clarifiers and forced refrigeration are avoided, limiting filtration to young wines that are to be sold within the year.

The Historic Cellars

Within the castle walls there are historical wine cellars where unique architecture has been preserved and some of the most noteworthy wines are aged. Ancient exposed brick vaults, barrels and barriques of various sizes, an environment with a constant temperature where the estate’s great wines can mature and refine, corners dedicated to the history of vines and wine, perfect conditions for maturing wines in barrels or in bottles. Each corner of the cellars evokes a memory of the long and difficult work required to obtain the highest quality from the product born of the ancient vines, such as the Barbera, but also from the international vines that are well-suited to this region.
The cellar does not lack a beautiful “infernot”, with even more precise conditions where, in niches carved into the chalky tufa of the hills, rest the bottles of the greatest and oldest vintages, protected from warmth and light.

The company has also modern cellars that are equipped with the most modern technologies.

In the Castle’s wine shop, in an evocative and elegant setting, you can taste, and purchase, all the company’s wines and grappa. In addition to our wines you can also taste and purchase the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is produced in our olive groves.

We also have a wide selection of products that are typical of the territory and a full range of accessories for wine and several books and guides dedicated to the territory and gourmet food and wine.


The area of production is Monferrato and the Barbera is the typical grape variety of this region. It has continually been cultivated in the last three centuries and in particular from the second half of 1800 since it was known to be an enduring and strong vine, capable of producing a fine and elegant wine. We have always paid special attention to this wine and today it accounts for up to 70% of production, in different typologies and with three denominations: Barbera d’Asti Superiore, Barbera d’Asti and Barbera del Monferrato. Barbera is the most representative vine species of Piedmont and in particular of Montferrat.

The origins of the grapevine were documented in the Casale Capitularies archives in 1249 in which its name appears to be connected to Piedmont families of the surname Barberi, which was then modified to Barbero, and finally Barberis. It currently represents more than 50% of the Montferrat’s production.

For decades it represented the classic red table wine. Today, it has reached very high levels of quality thanks to wine producers efforts to improve it. The recognition of the Denominazione d’Origine Controllata (or Registered Designation of Origin) dates back to 1970 and the wine is produced in 65 towns of the province of Asti and in 51 towns of the province of Alessandria.

The vineyards are located only on the hills and not on the flat areas of the territory, where the sunny positioning allows for a good maturation of sugars and polyphenols.  The wine is a deep ruby red in colour with a tendency towards garnet with ageing. The bouquet is intense and fruity with notes of plum, ripe cherry, and berries. The flavour is full, savoury, velvety and elegant. It goes very well with red meat, wild game and cheese.

The Tenuta Castello di Razzano wines are marketed through our own sales network in Italy and by a network of foreign importers, guaranteeing excellent distribution to the best restaurants and wine shops and over 30% are destined for the foreign market.

Our Wines

White and Rosé wines


Local vine: Chardonnay 100%

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Local vine: Pinot Nero 100%

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Our Red Wines



Local vine: Barbera 100%

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Local vine: Barbera 100%

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Local vine: Barbera 100%

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Local vine: Barbera 100%

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Local vine: Croatina 60% – Merlot 40%

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Local vine: Merlot 100%

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Local vine: Barbera 100%

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Local vine: Grignolino 100%

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Local vine: Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato 100%

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After dinner

  • Grappa young
    Grappa from Barbera grapes
  • Grappa Old
    Grappa from Barbera grapes
  • Grappa Moscato Riserva
    Grappa from Moscato grapes
  • Calicantus Moscato
    Moscato d’Asti
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  • Oro di Razzano
    Passito 100% Sauvignon
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  • China’
    Aromatic Barbera with herbs
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